Radical Xchange
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Radical Xchange

Welcome! Radical Xchange is a creative content agency that utilizes food and beverage as a conduit for conversations of equity, inclusion and intersectionality

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Our Vision

The vision is of equitable spaces for everyone. We see with an eye towards humanity. Seeing diversity as a recipe for cultural wealth. Seeing community as a chorus for realizing our inherent connections.

In short, seeing people without biases. Serving our industry and partners with the recognition that in order for everyone to eat we must all have a seat. Only with transparent and earnest conversation can we create these spaces. We are intersectional seekers.


Our Hustle

Radical Xchange is an experience-based creative content agency. We use food and beverage as a conveyor for art, music, history, and community.

Through event series, pop-up forums and partnerships, Radical Xchange is a means through which individuals and businesses can experience hospitality in an intersectional and innovative way.

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Our History

Co-founders, Ashtin Berry & Kisira Hill share a passion for the hospitality industry. The two met May 2018 while speaking at a cocktail conference in Chicago, IL and immediately connected based on their shared passions.

Both Berry & Hill believe cultural critique, social accountability,  and intersectionality are the KEYS to creating spaces that tell a story of where we have been and where we are going.

With one foot in the hospitality and beverage industries, and the other in community development - Ashtin Berry and Kisira Hill founded Radical Xchange as an experiential platform that showcases the interconnectedness of these two worlds.