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A Conference’s Goal: to Examine the Racist Roots of Hospitality, while Inspiring Change

Korsha Wilson - March 5, 2019 “For two days, stakeholders from restaurants all over the country gathered in New Orleans to discuss opportunities for people of color and the history of oppression that informs some of the issues the industry faces today. The conference was the inaugural event of Radical Xchange, a hospitality organization founded by Ashtin Berry and Kisira Hill.”

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Meet the Hospitality Vets Rethinking Equity in the Food and Beverage Industry

Vonnie Williams - February 19, 2019 Radical Xchange founders Ashtin Berry and Kisira Hill hosted panelists in New Orleans to discuss entrepreneurship, systemic barriers, and the true meaning of accessibility. 

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Resistance Served To Celebrate Black Contributions To Hospitality Industry

Anna Marvuglio - January 30, 2019 “Ashtin Berry and Kisira Hill met in May of 2018, and the connection was instant. With both making a name for themselves in the hospitality and beverage industries as well as community development, their shared passions launched into Radical Xchange.”

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The Activist Introducing Intersectionality to Hospitality

Monica Burton - March 8, 2019 “Ashtin Berry wants to see a more diverse — and healthier — bar and restaurant industry”

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31 Days of Black Women in Food - 2019

N A Afari-Dwamena - March 1, 2019 Dine Diaspora’s “31 Days of Black Women in Food” is a celebration of the achievements and advancements of black women in the food and beverage industry during Women’s History Month (March). Nominated by a community of food enthusiasts, advocates, and experts, we present you this year’s, 31 Black Women in Food

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Race in the hospitality industry addressed by new conference, Resistance Served Todd Price - January 8, 2019 “Ashtin Berry saw conversations about race and equity taking place across the food and drinks industry. The cocktail people, the restaurant people, the wine people and the food justice people, however, weren’t talking to each other.” Read the full article here!

Celebrity chef Carla Hall cooks with Leah Chase in New Orleans Ann Maloney - January 31, 2019 “Exuberant TV personality and chef Carla Hall drops into the New Orleans culinary scene for a few days next week to cook with Leah Chase and talk about African-American contributions to American food.” Read the full article here!

Leah Chase and celebrity chef Carla Hall delight diners at Dooky Chase's Emmanuel Jackson II - February 6, 2019 The Resistance Served two-day hospitality symposium was presented by Radical Xchange. Chefs Leah Chase and Carla Hall prepared a three-course meal Monday (Feb. 4) to a dining room of 80 joyous faces at Dooky Chase's Restaurant. “ Read the full article here!